Colin Sykes, Committee member and Lecturer in Broadcast Journalism has summarised some of the ‘headlines’ from the DG’s speech. There are some controversial elements in his speech, click on the link below to read it in full.

The DG speech at the end of March about opening up a discussion about the future of the licence fee and the BBC covered a lot of ground.

He has announced that the corporation will explore how to reform the licence fee and how between 2010 and 2020 the BBC’s income fell by 30 per cent largely because of Government enforced freezes to the licence fee. That means the annual savings target will now rise by £200milion to £700million a year by 2028.

He said the World Service is largely paid for out of the licence fee and should be paid by the Government.

He revealed plans to double BBC Studios revenue to deliver £3.2 billion by 2027.
BBC Studios recently made a deal with Disney to co-produce Doctor Who. Interestingly, it also filmed the interview with Princess Kate talking about her cancer diagnosis. A story many BBC newsrooms were unaware of until a couple of hours before the embargo even though it had been filmed days before.

He also revealed plans to carry adverts on BBC Podcasts on platforms other than BBC Sounds.

He announced that 60 per cent of BBC TV production would be made outside London by 2026 and 50 per cent of radio and music production by 2027 which puts hard figures on the recent moves of programmes to locations like Salford.

There’s politics involved in lots of this too with a General Election expected this year and a hope by many that Labour may be more sympathetic to arts and culture and the BBC should it be elected.

The speech can be read in full @

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