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George Auckland

Former Head of Innovation, BBC Learning (UK)

George Auckland began his career at BBC as a Film Editor in 1969; by 1980 he was a Director and later a Producer working on a wide range of programmes from children’s TV to adult literacy and numeracy, through hands-on-science for families to schools TV. He also created a number of pilot programmes demonstrating Interactive Television and produced the very first TV series to be made in a Virtual Reality studio. In 1996 he played one of the main roles in creating the BBC Education Website which prompted BBC Digital Media to be formed. Becoming the Head of Innovation for BBC Learning in 2001, George has made an enduring contribution to cutting edge developments in the field of lifelong learning not only for UK people but worldwide. He retired from the BBC after more than 41 years of service in 2011. He chaired Japan Prize Audiovisual Division judging in 2008, and joined their IPCEM panel in 2011.

Currently he is a director of an online scientific toy business Grand Illusions and makes videos for its associated YouTube TV Channel.

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Albert Barber

Chairman & Publications

Alan Bilyard

Hon Treasurer

Christina Hamilton

Website Co-ordinator

Hugh Sheppard
Khalid Iqbal
George Aukland

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Leslie Huss-Smickler
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