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The BBCPA sets out to protect the interests of its members – BBC pensioners.

We have a strong, working relationship with the BBC and the BBC Pension Trust Ltd. (which administers the ‘old scheme’ pension). You can, therefore, be confident, because of the Association, that they are aware of BBC pensioners’ views on important issues. On your behalf we aim to have an influence on the BBC and its future. The financial health of your BBC pension is closely linked to the future of the BBC. Above all, the Association belongs to all its members and with your help we can strengthen and increase its scope and influence.

The Association has been successful in the creation of a Pensioner-elected Trustee, and adjustments to the levelling option. We have always been in favour of the Trustee Board drawing on the skills and experience of the BBC pensioner community by having Pensioner-elected Trustees. As the Scheme becomes increasingly mature, the case for a second Pensioner-elected Trustee strengthens.

The regular meetings between the Association and senior members of the BBC and BBC Trust Ltd enables us to discuss concerns and issues. We are then able to post up-to-date information to our members. The Association’s regional meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) provide opportunities for members to voice their concerns which the Association can then raise on their behalf.

The diverse skills of our Committee can help enable members in a number of ways. The combined knowledge and experience of working in the BBC for many years ensure that we can help with most concerns especially if individual members are having problems relating to their BBC Pension.

Our website aims to keep you up-to-date with developments in the Media, the BBC, Broadcasting, pensions and News. In our exclusive Members Area there are a range of goods and services which are discounted, including Radio Times. Our 100 Voices Project aims to record the ‘unofficial’ history of the BBC.  There is also an opportunity for members to contribute their memories and stories of life in the BBC in our Recollections area.  We hope that this work will act as our legacy towards an historical record for future generations of academics, students and programme makers.

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The committee is elected annually at the AGM and comprises up to twelve members from whom the officers of the Association are selected.


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