Although the BBC Annual Plan was published recently in May, it was mainly ignored by the media.

The foreword to the Plan, called ‘Bringing Us Closer’ focuses on the recent pandemic and the BBC’s response.  It is jointly written by the Chairman of the BBC Board David Clementi and the out-going DG Tony Hall.  It concludes with this statement

The BBC is owned by everyone. We are part of society. We have seen that all too clearly during this crisis, and we have been touched and humbled by the way people have put their trust in the BBC in huge numbers. Our responsibility to them will not diminish over the next period of the pandemic. As this value has become more self-evident in the last few weeks, it is more important than ever to have a proper conversation with the British public about the BBC’s next 100 years as it approaches its centenary. The British public own the BBC, they use it more than any other provider, and they pay for it. It is they who should have the primary voice in the debate about its future.


If members wish to read the report it can be downloaded from this page


In other BBC News, Tim Davie has been appointed Director General of the BBC from August 2020 when he will take over from Tony Hall.

Davie is currently Head of BBC Studios and has been at the BBC since 2005.  In 2008 he became Head of Radio when Jenny Abramsky left the BBC. In 2012 and despite being turned down as Director General, he became acting DG after George Entwhistle’s swift departure and until Tony Hall’s appointment.  He then moved to become CEO of BBC Worldwide and when it merged with BBC Studios in 2018 became its Chief Executive Officer.  Read more about his appointment and the challenges he faces @

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The BBC Pensioners’ Association now sees itself as a critical friend of the BBC and tries to support the BBC in these changing times.

The BBCPA sets out to protect the interests of its members; BBC pensioners. We have a strong, working relationship with the BBC and the BBC Pension Trust Ltd.