A hundred years ago on 13th February 1923 baritone Mostyn Thomas began broadcasting in Wales when he sang a traditional Welsh language folk song Dafydd y Garreg Wen. The radio broadcast was from a studio in Castle Street in Cardiff. This was the beginning of celebrating and communicating the Welsh culture.

There is a new exhibition at the National Museum in Cardiff which is about the history of BBC in Wales and its contribution to the BBC It lasts until 16th April 2023 so not long to visit.

More information and how to book your free ticket @

Take a look at a plotted history of BBC Wales from the BBC website with interesting photos and facts.

The year that the Flying Scotman was unveiled was also the beginning of BBC Scotland, nearly three weeks after BBC Wales, On 6th March 1923 BBC Scotland radio broadcast live from a small studio in Bath Street, Glasgow. BBC Scotland was, like BBC Wales, keen to stamp its cultural identity from the very start . Tuning in at 7pm the skirl of “Hey! Johnnie Cope” was played on the bagpipes. John Reith, then the general manager of the British Broadcasting Company, announced that “5SC, the Glasgow station of the BBC, is calling”.

For our Scottish members there are new programmes planned to celebrate 100 years of BBC Scotland. Here are some details:

Take a look at the BBC website which has archive photos and facts from the last 100 years of BBC Scotland. Also, there is a YouTube video with some archive footage of some historic moments in Scottish and BBC history.

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