We are currently experiencing a cost of living crisis caused by prices for food, fuel and other essential goods increasing faster than household income. Inflation in the UK began rising sharply in 2021, and in general increases to wages and benefits have not kept up with the rising cost of consumer goods.  In May the Government announced some monetary measures to help and support households and these can be found @  https://bit.ly/3Oy2VNb

Whilst these measures offer some help with the rising costs of everyday items, the Money Saving Expert (Martin Lewis) website has produced a ‘Cost Of Living Crisis Survival Guide’ which offers 90 plus ways to save money.  In particular, it details information about Pension Credit which may apply to some of our members.  Nearly one million pensioners miss out on top-up payments which are also the gateway to other benefits.  Why not check your eligibility, you have nothing to lose and maybe much to gain? A link can be found in the Survival Guide which can be accessed here @ www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/cost-of-living-survival-kit/

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The BBC Pensioners’ Association now sees itself as a critical friend of the BBC and tries to support the BBC in these changing times.

The BBCPA sets out to protect the interests of its members; BBC pensioners. We have a strong, working relationship with the BBC and the BBC Pension Trust Ltd.

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