The freeze on our Energy bills is most welcome but it can be confusing as people may think that the new £2.500 price cap is all they will pay but that is not necessarily the case.  It is  important to remember that this is a cap on the unit rate of the energy you use – it is not a cap on your final bill. The less energy you use, the less you will pay – so you can still save money on your energy this winter.

The £2,500 quoted is an indication of what an average household will use if they pay by Direct Debit.  There are regional variations also so USwitch have published a helpful table with the rates per KwH under the new Price Guarantee and the regional variations.  Click and scroll down to view the new figures.

There are many internet sites which can give us information on energy savings but I found USwitch’s 102 Energy Savings Tips For Your Home useful as it gives a list of tips for every room in the house and you can check which of these you have done and some you may need to implement.  Access it @

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