It does seem that we may have a long winter ahead of us.  Energy prices will increase substantially and together with possible fuel and food shortages everyone needs all the help they can get.  Please see below some tips to help you save energy and money on your bills whilst keeping you warm.

The simple use of draught excluders will stop heat escaping in gaps between the door and floor.  If you can sew and would like a project then follow these simple instructions supplied by OVO Energy to make a sausage dog draught excluder. Click
Alternatively, you can buy fabric draught excluders easily on the internet.  Also. If you have an open, uninsulated chimney you could be losing heat and an eco-product called Chimney Sheep which is a wool draught excluder could help.  Find out more @

If your curtains are unlined, they could be letting in cold air.  Line them with cheap fleece blankets available on the internet or at supermarkets. Please check that they are fire resistant.

Keep doors closed to contain the heat in the area you want to keep warm

Placing a shelf above a radiator helps prevent the heat rising.  This is especially useful if you have high ceilings as it keeps the warmth closer to the ground.  Don’t put the shelf directly on top of the radiator as that can trap heat.  If you install reflective radiator panels the heat will bounce back into the room rather then being lost through external walls, especially if they are uninsulated.

Buy LED Energy saving lightbulbs; turn off lights in rooms you are not using; only fill kettle with the amount of water you need; turn off standby appliances at the socket.
There is information and help on energy saving @

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