The recent RTC Cambridge Convention saw Lucy Frazer, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport deliver her first keynote speech to broadcasters and industry leaders about the shape of broadcasting in the future.  The speech in full can be READ @

or WATCH it @

Some of the highlights were :-

  1. Launching a new programme of work on the Future of TV distribution, alongside a call for evidence from Ofcom – which it will publish later in the autumn. The DCMS will undertake a six-month research project, looking at changing viewing habits and technologies that will impact how shows are brought to our screen, both now, and in the decades to come – acknowledging always the importance of access.
  2. Consultation on whether we need to extend regulation to these unregulated channels and Electronic Programme Guides. And if so, how? Any change to regulations must strike a balance between protecting people – particularly the young and vulnerable while protecting freedom of speech, and not unduly burdening the TV industry.
  3. Round table discussions on AI and what it means for media and creative industries.
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