The Royal Horticultural Society has been established since 1804 with a meeting of seven men. How it evolved to today’s leading gardening charity is fascinating and more information can be found @ the link below

Their website is a wealth of information about gardening and this post is about some gardening jobs for March – when Spring begins to show itself in our gardens. There are more jobs for March on the website but the top three jobs are:-

  1. Prune bush and climbing roses
  2. Plant onion sets and shallots
  3. Plant summer-flowering bulbs

If you are an enthusiastic gardener then you probably know about these jobs. If you are not and keen to start then the RHS website would be a good place to begin. If you would rather take a lovely walk through RHS gardens then the website can tell you where to go and what you will see. So, click and begin your exploration.

If spring flowers, especially daffodils, are to your liking then the link below will take you to where you can see lots of daffodils in the gorgeous environment of a wide range of National Trust parks and gardens.

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