Governance of the BBC

New appointed Trustee of the BBC Pension Scheme
January 1, 2016
Sky High Report
March 11, 2016

— a view by Hugh Sheppard

While government’s concentration is on the Budget, the EU Referendum and the next round of local elections, you might think that BBC Charter Renewal is on the back-burner. Not a bit of it, and for some of the reasons John Whittingdale has to think carefully, take a look at BBC_Charter_Review_Public_Consultation-_Summary_of_Responses.pdf  where you will find the extraordinary support the public has given the BBC in telling government to leave the Corporation alone!

This was amplified by two press items below, from Peter Preston in the Guardian and from David Dimbleby in Radio Times.

Tony Hall also made a telling speech to the Media & Telecomms Conference earlier this month, to be found at;

For those who wish to follow all the ins and outs of the future of the BBC, one of the best websites is that of the ‘Voice of the Listener and Viewer’; details on our Links page.

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