Please see below the details of two sources of potential financial assistance if you are struggling.

The Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund is in memory of one of the most influential of television’s pioneers, having started her work in the BBC when the Corporation was the only broadcasting organisation in the country. During her career she helped and encouraged countless people who were working in the medium and excited by its possibilities.

Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund:

The Fund provides assistance for people currently or previously in broadcasting or an associated activity, their children and financial dependants.

At the Trustees’ discretion, help may be given towards educational costs or grants to relieve short term domestic hardship not covered by help from other sources.

For help to be given where it is most needed, applicants are asked to give full information (in confidence) about the circumstances supporting their application.

Applications are considered each September but the Trust cannot provide continuing help over a number of years. Applications must arrive no later than 31 July 2022.

Please download, print and fill in the application form:

BBC Benevolent Fund:

The purpose of the Fund is to make discretionary one-off payments for the benefit of BBC staff (past and present) and BBC pensioners and their financial dependants.  Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees.

A Benevolent Fund Grant may be awarded in the event of serious financial hardship.  The basic conditions for a grant are that it should involve expenditure which is extraordinary, unforeseen, necessary, and without assistance, would involve hardship for the individual and the family.  Applicants are asked to give full information (in confidence) about the circumstances supporting their application.  Each case is considered on its merits.  Grants are modest.  The Fund will not consider medical and dental treatment; care home costs; funeral costs.

Please call the BBC Pension and Benefits Centre to request an application form and return completed form to:

The Trustees, BBC Benevolent Fund
Pension and Benefits Centre
BBC Cymru Wales
Central Square
Cardiff, CF10 1FT

Telephone: 029 2032 2811


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The BBC Pensioners’ Association now sees itself as a critical friend of the BBC and tries to support the BBC in these changing times.

The BBCPA sets out to protect the interests of its members; BBC pensioners. We have a strong, working relationship with the BBC and the BBC Pension Trust Ltd.

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