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Membership of the Association is open to all those who are in receipt of a pension arising from BBC service or an associated service and to which the BBC contributed. From 1 Nov 2020 members of the BBC Pension Scheme who have a deferred pension in the Scheme will now be eligible to join the BBCPA.

Membership of the Association has now risen to around 2500. Among the successes of the Association has been the creation of a pensioner-elected trustee, adjustments to the levelling option, and inputs to legislation. The Association continues to help individual pensioners with problems relating to their pension. We have been instrumental in bringing the outcomes for many members on issues with their pensions to a satisfactory conclusion.

The BBC Pension Scheme

The BBC pension scheme is widely recognised as among the best in the country. It is extremely well run from the centre in Cardiff, the trustees oversee the fund with wisdom and dedication and the BBC itself remains committed to the future of the scheme.

Joint Annual Membership

  • Runs 01 May – 30 April
  • Same benefits as Single Membership

Single Annual Membership

  • Runs 01 May – 30 April
  • Access information about pension matters and help on specific concerns
  • Access to our members offers
  • Access to video, image and audio galleries
  • Contribute/view recollections of the BBC and leave a legacy of our time
  • Two postal mailings per year
  • Monthly newsletter emails

Life Membership

  • Single payment available to members over 80
  • Same benefits as Single Membership

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The Committee

The committee is elected annually at the AGM and comprises up to twelve members from whom the officers of the association are selected.


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