November 14, 2019
November 14, 2019

When we are cold, we feel miserable and our mental and physical health can suffer.  Here are some tips for keeping your house and yourself warm during the winter.   There is also advice on getting help with heating bills.

  • The optimum temperature for keeping warm in your house during the winter is at least 18C (65F) and 21C in your living room.
  • Try and keep your bedroom at a constant 18C throughout the night and close bedroom windows.
  • Close curtains at dusk and minimise draughts by using draught excluders at the bottom of doors.
  • Wear several layers of clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres which help to maintain body heat.  Dig out your cotton vests!
  • Use a hot water bottle or electric blanket to keep warm in bed, but not both!
  • Have at least one hot meal a day and regular hot drinks
  • Don’t sit down for long periods, get up and stretch your legs after an hour– keeping active keeps us warm.
  • Whilst you are sitting down a shawl or blanket can keep you warm

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills then you must make sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.  These include:-

Winter Fuel Payment

If you are on a State Pension this is an annual payment to help with fuel bills.  Make sure you are registered to receive it.

Cold Weather Payment

If the thermometer reaches at or below 0 degrees for a period of time, and you’re receiving certain benefits, you may be eligible to receive £25 a week for each 7 day period of cold weather.

Warm Home Discount

This is a discount on your electricity bill. You may be able to get it if you get Pension Credit or are on a low income.

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