Big news this month

The big news this month, as the media has reported, is the resignation of BBC Chairman Richard Sharp. There is quite a lot of speculation about how the next chairman should be selected. Various commentators, including Gary Lineker, are calling for the appointment to be taken away from the Prime Minister.

Other news

The other big news is the Culture Secretary’s interview on Laura Kuenssberg last Sunday speculating on the future of the BBC Licence Fee.

With a General Election possibly only 18 months away and the licence fee due to go up in line with inflation from next year, politics is still at play in the future of the BBC. There are many people who say Labour would look more kindly on the future of the Corporation.  There are calls for an end to the ‘culture wars’ waged by the current Government.  With a review by the current Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer into how to fund the licence fee it will be interesting to see what this report recommends and even if it sees the light of day before the next election.

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