A comprehensive, independent report recently published by KPMG finds that the BBC provides “a significant economic contribution across each of the UK’s nations and regions”. The wide-ranging paper presents an analysis of the BBC’s economic contribution and looks at local investment, creative innovation, investment in research and development and investment in people, skills and training.  Some of the interesting findings are:-

  • Every £1 of the BBC’s economic activity generates a total of £2.63 in the economy.
  • For every one job directly created by the BBC, a further 1.7 jobs are created in the wider economy.
  • The BBC played a role in cultivating Salford as a “creative and digital cluster”, where local industry employment saw growth of 142% and digital/creative businesses grew by 70% (2010-2019).
  • An “emerging creative cluster” is identified in Cardiff, where the BBC has opened Central Square and Roath Lock.
  • Around half of the BBC’s total economic contribution is generated outside of London, an increase from 32% in 2012.

You can read a summary of the report here or download the full (78 page) report here.

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