Clean, safe water for all our domestic needs is something we take for granted in this country.  There is no choice of which water company we use but we do have choices regarding how much we use and how this is calculated.

Do you have a water meter? If not, in England and Wales your bill is assessed on your houses ‘rateable value’, regardless of how much water you use.  If you are considering asking your water company to install a water meter, here is a simple calculation.  If there are more bedrooms in your house than people or the same, it is worth considering a water meter.  It is installed free of charge in England and Wales but not in Scotland.  There are no domestic water charges in Northern Ireland.   How much you can save by installing a water meter depends on your usage.  The Consumer Council for Water has a free water meter calculator that tells you if you can save with a meter.

FREEBIES to help save water 

There are over 900,00 free water saving gadgets available now.  These are funded by the water companies but the distribution of them is managed by the Save Water Save Money company. Access to these freebies is via their website   The free gadgets include shower heads; tap inserts; shower timers garden hose nozzles and ‘Buffaloo’ cistern bags.  There are many water companies signed up for this initiative, however, Thames Water, is not one of them, nor is Anglia, Essex and Suffolk and Northumbrian.

All the above information and many more tips to save money on your water bills is available at the moneysaving expert website.  Click here to access.

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