In July this year the National Audit Office in their Report on Accounts of Department for Work and Pensions 2022-23 highlighted underpayments affecting mostly women.  This has been caused by gaps in the National Insurance records of women who previously claimed Child Benefit. Between 1978 and 2010, people claiming Child Benefit for a child under 16 or Income Support for caring responsibilities should have automatically received Home Responsibilities Protection (HRP), which reduced the number of Qualifying Years needed for a full basic State Pension. DWP has identified missing periods of HRP on the National Insurance records of some women who had received Child Benefit. The average amount of state pension back payment due to this issue is £2,000, with the highest found to be £33,300.  If you think you may be affected then you do not need to take any action at the moment.   All the errors are related to Child Benefit and the criteria for believing you may be affected can be found @

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The BBC Pensioners’ Association now sees itself as a critical friend of the BBC and tries to support the BBC in these changing times.

The BBCPA sets out to protect the interests of its members; BBC pensioners. We have a strong, working relationship with the BBC and the BBC Pension Trust Ltd.