January 19, 2017
March 6, 2017

Steve Hewlett, journalist and broadcaster, born 8 August 1958; died 20 February 2017



Like many, the BBC Pensioners’ Association were saddened by the death of Steve Hewlett earlier this week.
In 2013 David Allen, as the then Chairman, invited Steve to give the keynote speech at our AGM.
David Allen writes:
Radio 4 addicts like me will be very sad to hear the news of Steve Hewlett’s death. Steve’s battle with cancer was famously reported in the recent series of no-holds-barred interviews on PM with the incomparable Eddie Meyer. Steve’s death today (Monday 20 February 2017) in the Royal Marsden reminds us he was a much admired and feisty broadcaster with a sharp intellect and distinguished BBC career, first as a producer, then editor of Panorama, later as journalist and most recently presenter of the Media Show.  

A couple of years ago he gladly agreed to talk to our AGM and gave a splendidly candid talk about the the media landscape and BBC (which you can still find on our website) Afterwards he refused to cash our fee. I met him in preparing him for the event and got a feel for his character. A nice man but one who took no prisoners if you weren’t on top of what you wanted to discuss with him.
After he became ill last year and his cancer was determined to be inoperable, his honest accounts of his treatment, personal domestic matters and dealings with the hospital (which he could not praise more highly) were revealing and moving. He explored the dilemmas when faced with costly non NHS drug treatment and the tightrope of trying to get on new drug trials only to be told it was too late. 

It was typical that when I wrote to ask him if he still wanted the fee he asked for it to be given to the hospital. And he thanked the Association for their good wishes. The cheque arrived on the day he died. We will miss him.

You can hear Steve Hewlett’s talk to our AGM here: 

This evening’s interview he did with Roger (Feedback) Bolton in the Radio Theatre earlier this year – against doctors’ orders is available on the internet. There he told of the extraordinary events surrounding the famous interview with Princess Diana. Maybe his most famous achievement as editor of Panorama. Just google Media Society and Steve Hewlett.

David Allen

 An interview with Steve by Roger Bolton was broadcast on 21st February on Radio 4
and this alongside other tributes are available on BBCiPlayer.

Obituaries for Steve Hewlett can be found in most newspapers; here is the link to The Guardian for whom he was a regular contributor to their Media section.


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