Are you a camera person interested in using your skills to help record some of the most interesting people who have worked in British film, television, radio and theatre.  Have you some skills in interviewing or transcription?  The British Entertainment History Project would like you to consider helping and volunteering for them.   Details below



We are looking for voluntary camera persons Interviewers and others for transcribing the recordings.

In the late 80s ACTT technicians led by Roy Fowler, determined to record people who had worked in British film, television, radio and theatre. They set out to record the reminiscences not only trade unionists but of all those who had a part in shaping our industry. What is important is that they tell what happened to them in their own words. In 2003 the interviewing went from audio to video recording and in 2005 Sony Corporation donated a state of the art digital camera to the project and broadcast quality images became the norm. Some of our camera volunteers have their own equipment. The History Project is administrated and organised by a voluntary committee, open to all who share a desire to record and preserve personal memories. Now a registered company chaired by Mike Dick, the Project has recorded over 800 interviews to date, including cameramen, directors, editors, producers, production managers, set designers, theatre,  television and radio technicians.

Interested persons please contact: Secretary: Sue Malden

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