The cost of living crisis doesn’t seem to be going away. Here are a four ways which Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert suggests might help you to reduce your bills.

Check your broadband bill. Seven million people are out of contract and massively overpaying

Many on older contracts are paying £30 to £45/month for slow broadband. Yet two minutes on our broadband comparison can often find deals saving £200+/year, at faster speeds. To put that in context, you can get super-fast fibre broadband for less than £19/month.

100,000s of free water-saving gadgets available

They can help you reduce your water usage which will cut down your water bill.  The freebies can include  shower heads, tap inserts and winter insulation kits. Quickly find out if there’s any you can get at Save Water Save Money  PS:  Installing a water meter can also save money.  Check whether you should switch click on this link  Should you switch to a water meter?

Check your tax code

You may be owed some tax if your tax code is wrong.  It is the short number – eg  1257L.  It tells your employer or pension provider how   much tax to take from you. Millions are wrong each year, and the rules say it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check it’s correct.

Use our Tax  Code Calculator to check if yours is likely right or wrong.

Cheapest petrol or diesel in your area

There is a handy tool which finds your cheapest local forecourt.Use to find the cheapest fuel near you.  If you drive more efficiently this can have a big impact also.

Read tips to drive more efficiently, to help you improve your driving skills.

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