The charity Independent Age has recognized the need for more help and support for the elderly in gaining understanding and knowledge of the internet and digital world.   There are opportunities to save money and connect with a wider world if they can overcome their fear and become a silver surfer.  A recent study revealed that 45% of over 65’s are not comfortable in going online but it is generally considered that with help and support the benefits of being able to access and use the internet are many.  A good place to begin is on the Independent Age website where they have a section about technology.   They have lots of sections about how to access various resources on the internet but the first section called ‘Get started Online’ is the obvious way to begin.

Click here to access the information.

Independent Age has now gone further, partnering with Vodaphone UK Foundation to launch Hi Digital; a programme designed to help the over 65s develop their digital skills, save money and feel more connected.  Courses include:-

  • help using your smartphone – like calling, texting and using apps
  • connecting with others – through emails, social media or WhatsApp
  • entertainment and shopping – from online shopping to using streaming services
  • hobbies and travel – like researching local activities and planning public transport.

So, click on this link and start the journey to digital literacy and enjoy all it has to offer.

Of course, all of this relies on friends and relatives of the elderly supporting them to gain the necessary hardware to begin to use the internet.  If they are not in a financial position to purchase a computer or tablet their local library should provide access to these courses and they can begin to use them to understand how the internet works. Please reach out if someone you know is struggling to navigate their world without access to the internet.

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